This little application is for making Neoplasticist art.

The image below is an example. It's a rendition of 'Composition II in Red, Blue, and Yellow' by Mondrian I made with this application.


Here's what the buttons do:

The color cycler, (C button), actually doesn't do anything you can't do with the 5 color buttons. I put it there because it's possible to divide the frames until they're tiny. When that happens, only one letter shows up in the frame. It's good to have a button that can turn into any of the 5 colors.

So, this now works in all browsers. Anyway, there are still a few differences:
Internet Explorer now retains fairly wide lines at region edges.
Chrome and Safari work well, but the lines separating areas can be hard to grab to move.
Firefox and Opera are freaking awesome with this. I didn't get any thin white lines in the final images at all. If you wanna use this and have firefox, its the browser of choice.


If you don't feel like playing with a Neoplasticist art generator and need something to do, how about having a nice hot bowl of soup?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Soup.

You know you want some.